Health Information Request (Release of Health Information)

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You have the right to access and request a copy of your personal health information from Nova Scotia Health Authority.

There are limited exceptions to your right of access. For example, you may not be given access to information that was collected during an investigation or that includes personal health information about another individual.

There may be fees associated with this service based on the region you submit the request to.

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Calling Nova Scotia home means ocean views, active living and welcoming communities. Practicing here means working with passionate colleagues, providing world class care, and helping people be healthy and stay healthy, for generations. The Nova Scotia Health Authority provides health services to Nova Scotians and some specialized services to Atlantic Canadians. We operate hospitals, health centres and collaborative community-based programs across the province.

Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program offers group counselling for individuals interested in quitting or cutting back on their use of tobacco. During group sessions, participants are given opportunities to share concerns, successes, ask questions and support each other. Nicotine replacement products may also be available as part of the support in reducing tobacco use.

Mental Health and Addictions Health Promotions Service

Mental Health and Addictions Health Promotion staff collaborate with numerous partners and stakeholders to undertake initiatives that broaden awareness and action related to mental health disorders, harmful substance use or gambling.  These initiatives include knowledge exchange and transfer, social marketing and communications, and the development of healthy public policy for community. 

Provincial Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment Program

The Provincial Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment Program provides assessment and treatment to individuals living in the community who have been convicted of a sex offence and are on parole or probation.  The goal of the program is to increase client life satisfaction and to make communities safer by minimizing the likelihood of repeat offences.

Opioid Treatment and Recovery Program

The Opioid Treatment and Recovery Program offers opioid maintenance therapy (methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone) and programming to individuals with an addiction to opioids.  From a harm reduction perspective, the program supports clients on their personal recovery journey and enhances their overall wellbeing.  It includes assessment, treatment planning, relapse prevention and supportive counselling which is provided by a team of health care professionals.