QM - Patient Safety: QM - Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a priority in any health care system.

In the Cape Breton District Health Authority patient safety takes on an added meaning because our patients are our family, friends and neighbors.

Our goals are to ensure that the people we serve are kept safe and to work to prevent unnecessary harm or injury to patients.

The District has a Patient Safety Leadership Team that is active in ensuring safety remains a priority.

The District is a member of a Canadian based patient safety initiative called Safer Health Care Now. It's led by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and builds on the Institute of Health Care Improvement (IHI) initiative.

Safer Health Care Now supports the implementation of interventions in patient care that have been proven to prevent avoidable, adverse events in Canadian hospitals including:

  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
  • Prevention of Surgical Site Infections

Resource people within the District and the standing clinical committees have been asked to lead the work required to successfully pilot and move each of these interventions forward.

The District has also worked with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and other health authorities throughout the province to prepare a brochure of patient safety tips that will help our patients better understand their rights and aspects of their care.

Patients and families are invited to review the tips and use them as a guide when they receive care and treatment. Making healthier choices together will benefit both the patient and the health professional.