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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services is a district-wide program that offers a broad range of general and specialized inpatient, outpatient and community-based mental health services to residents of all ages across the continuum of care. The services provided by this department are organized into three categories, Emergency and Acute Outpatient Services, Inpatient Services and Rehabilitation Services.

Referral Required: Depends upon the service

Please Note: It is strongly suggested that referrals come from the family physician or other relevant care providers. However, self-referrals may be accepted in some circumstances. Specialized programs have particular requirements as to who may refer and so it is best to contact the service directly for information on how to make a referral.

The Principle Functions of Mental Health are:

  • To provide core mental health programs throughout the district based on best practice evidence and consistent with the provincial standards.
  • To provide consultation, support and education to primary care service providers.
  • To improve the awareness of individuals, families and staff and the public regarding mental health, mental illness, mental health care and the mental health delivery system.
  • To collaborate with other government departments, community agencies, and service providers on shared initiatives.
  • To address the determinants of health in conjunction with the relevant government departments, community groups and agencies in planning, delivering and evaluating services.
  • To involve the patient, family and community in the routine and comprehensive planning and evaluating of mental health services.

For more information please contact:

    • Emergency Crisis Services: 902-567-7767
    • Adult Outpatient Services: 902-567-7730
    • Inverness Mental Health Clinic: 902-258-1911
    • Seniors Mental Health Program: 902-567-1729
    • Child and Adolescent Services: 902-567-7731
    • Inpatient Services: 902-567-7975
    • Rehabilitation Services: 902-567-7913
    • Crossroads: 902-567-7961
    • Touch on Wood: 902-539-9663
    • Cairdeil Place: 902-539-4228
    • Administration: 902-567-8093
Emergency and Acute Outpatient Mental Health Services

Emergency Crisis Program, providing a consultative service to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Emergency Department in relation to individuals presenting with mental health crises and outreach services to assist individuals connect with follow-up services

Adult Mental Health Clinics, providing mental health assessment and treatment to adults in clinics located in Sydney, New Waterford, Glace Bay, North Sydney and Inverness with part-time services available in Cheticamp

Child and Adolescent Services, providing general and specialized mental health services to children, youth and their families. The service includes the Intensive Community-Based Treatment Team, the N.S. Initiative for Sexually Aggressive Youth and the Autism Intervention Program as well as part-time clinical services in North Sydney, Glace Bay, Baddeck and Neil's Harbour.

Eating Disorder Program, located at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Day Center Program, located at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Seniors Mental Health, based at the Health Park adjacent to the Cape Breton Regional hospital, providing assessment and consultative services for seniors with mental disorders and challenging behaviour.

Adult Sex Offender Program, offered in collaboration with East Coast Forensic Services at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Services are provided using a multidisciplinary team approach wherever possible, and include individual, family and group interventions. Psychiatry consultations to Inverness and Cheticamp are provided using the Telehealth system in addition to face to face contacts. Consultative services are provided to community-based care/service providers.

Inpatient Services

This service consists of three units located at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Patients are generally over the age of 16 years.

Unit 1C:, a short stay, eight-bed unit for patients with an expected length of stay of five to seven days. It provides comprehensive assessment and stabilization for individuals in crisis who require 24-hour supervision and care.

Unit 1B:, a 22-bed unit for patients with an expected length of stay of one to six weeks, providing a range of individual and group treatment approaches.

Unit 1D:, a 16-bed unit with a rehabilitation focus for patients requiring longer stays to support their recovery and eventual move back into the community. 

Rehabilitation Mental Health Services

This service provides community and hospital-based programs and supports for adults with persistent mental illness. Support is provided in relation to managing mental illness, developing life skills and accessing housing, employment, education and social/recreational activities. It includes:

Crossroads, A community outreach program that fosters recovery and wellness through peer support, social change and numerous employment and educational opportunities.

Community Rehabilitation Program, A case management program designed to support persons living with persistent mental illness to develop and maintain a safe, satisfying quality of life in the community.

Consultation for Adults with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Offers community-based consultative and assessment services

Mental Health Services is also associated with three other independent, communities based, non-profit groups that focus on life skills development and/or employability. They include:

Cairdeil Place: provides life skills training, support, access to social and recreational activities for those suffering from mental illness

Touch on Wood: assists with the development of employability skills through involvement in a wood-working center, retail outlet and a cooperative employmentprogram.

The Missing Lint: provides employment options for people living with mental illness. 

Updated Feb 21, 2011

An Overview of Mental Health Services

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Contact Information

Clinic Locations & Contact Information

Sydney Mental Health Clinic
Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Location: Main Level, 1482George Street
Phone: 902-567-7730

New Waterford Clinic
Location: New Waterford Consolidated Hospital, 716 King Street
Phone: 902-862-7195

Glace Bay Clinic
Location: 121 Union Street
Phone: 902- 849-4413

North Sydney Clinic
Location: Northside General Hospital, 520 Purves Street
Phone: 902-794-8551

Inverness Mental Health Clinic with satellite services to Cheticamp
Location: Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital
Phone: 902-258-1911

Seniors' Mental Health Program
Location: Health Park, Suite 01, Lower Level, 45 Weatherbee Road (adjacent to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital)
Phone: 902-567-1729

Child and Adolescent Services
Location: Cape Breton Regional Hospital, Main Level, 1482 George Street
Phone: 902-567-7731

Baddeck (Child and Adolescent Clinician)
Location: Victoria County Memorial Hospital
Phone: Calls should be made directly to Child and Adolescent Services (902- 567-7731)

Neil's Harbour (Child and Adolescent Clinician)
Location: Buchanan Memorial Hospital
Phone: Calls should be made directly to Child and Adolescent Services (902- 567-7731)