Community Health Boards: Central Cape Breton CHB

Central Cape Breton County Community Health Board


The Central Cape Breton County Community Health Board is one of six Community Health Boards (CHBs).  It covers Central Cape Breton County including Sydney, South Bar, Gabarus, Mira Road, Coxheath to Irish Cove.

In 2005-2006, the Central Cape Breton County CHB took part in the "Understanding Our Health" survey. The survey was a partnership between Public Health Services, the District's six CHBs and three CHBs in the Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority. The information from the survey will help the CHBs develop their Community Health Plans.  The survey and community health plan can be found in the CHB Documents folder.


"To promote a healthy community that encourages the public to actively participate in health promotion and prevention".


A community where everyone is valued and where all people have access to education, employment, health services and a healthy social and physical environment.

  • A community where all people are valued and cared for.
  • The elimination of borders between various community groups and the elimination of racism and differences between youth and adults.
  • A smoke free environment.
  • Confidence in the future of the community.
  • Green spaces, fresh air to breath, clean water, clean communities, leisure and recreational facilities for all.
  • Decent, affordable housing.
  • Work for those who want it. Jobs to keep young people in our community.
  • Modern, safe school environments which are used for the education of children and that provide life long learning opportunities for all, including health education, physical activities and community activities.
  • Quick access to professional health care services.
  • A community where seniors and youth are valued.


View Documents for Central Cape Breton CHB.  Any questions? Please contact:

Linda MacDougall, Co-Chair

31 Hillcrest Dr.

Coxheath, NS

B1R 1V1